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Updated: Apr 4, 2019

We are making progress with demo and starting to put things back together...

Hey, it's me again, Elysa Roberts, and we're in demo mode, which means lots of dirt and dust. Did I mention that it's winter time here? Andy and I still question why we seem to always renovate in the winter. Maybe it's because we like our summers and I get to rock these cool Carhartt bibs. People, my closet has more "work" clothes than normal everyday clothes. I need to remedy this, but first, demo!

Lenox Avenue Master Bedroom Demo

See ya later wallpaper! I still say the best workout is sanding floors and demoing plaster. Not only the physical part, but doing this with a respirator on while reducing your air intake. Really increases the heart rate, haha!

Lenox Avenue Sanded Living Room

But for real, there is something about the practice of sanding floors. Trust me, we were not good at this at first. This is a skill that is definitely an art that requires a lot of patience (something that I'm learning to appreciate). In a world full of immediate satisfactions, refinishing hardwoord floors forces you to slow down, take your time, and refine your practice.

We have now been refinishing hardwood floors ourselves for five years (no, we are not for hire, haha!). That's a lot of floors that have taught me patience. You would think my favorite part would be after we put the final coat of poly on the floors. Actually, I love the final sanding before we stain using 120 grit sandpaper. This is the stage that makes or breaks your floors. I love flowing my hand across the floor as I sand where you can feel the difference of the wood from the previous lower grit paper. On top of that, the sanding part also seems to sand my fingernails at the same time, so I call that a win/win (Yes, I'm a blonde!).

“Actually, I love the final sanding before we stain using 120 grit sandpaper.”

Dining Room:

Do you remember the beautiful original windows in the dining room that unfortunately had some dry rot? Sometimes a negative situation can have a silver lining and this situation allowed for us to create better flow from the home to the large deck area on the backside of the home.

Just cut a hole in the backside of your house they said...

Lenox Avenue Dining Room French Door Opening

I'll never forget the day our contractor texted me this image. Luckily, we love our contractor, Doug West, and knew that installing new french doors to the deck from the dining room was the right decision. On a different note, any local followers recognize the large building in this image that is no longer there? Hint, many of you were born here.


Lenox Avenue Replacement Kitchen Window

When renovating your home, not only do you need to consider how this will appear in the actual space, but how this will appear on the exterior view of your home. In this situation, the previous homeowner's installed base cabinets in front of a larger window exposing the not so pretty backside of the cabinets. Luckily, this home's exterior made this an easy fix by installing a smaller window (better scale for the location) and cedar shakes. One problem fixed on the list!

Discovered Brick

Master Bedroom:

Check out what we found while demoing the master bedroom. BRICK! I love old original brick, and this brick is the best. It contains various colors and textures. Did you know that fired brick dates back to 3500 Bc? The art of brick making was prevalent in Pennsylvania, where T. B. Townsend was born, but later moved to Ohio in 1846. Townsend, "became a mason and then a contractor and builder at the age of 21. He built several stores, dwellings, court houses, railroads, sewers, and bridges; where many of these local municipal buildings are still being used today" (goo.gl/acXZLP). Townsend went on to then become the president of the T. B. Townsend Brick and Contracting Co. in Zanesville, Ohio, "known to be the largest brick factory in Ohio at the time" (goo.gl/acXZLP).

Remember that andiron found in the living room of this house (if you don't, make sure to go back and read blog post "If These Walls Could Talk")? The current location of the "Helen Purcell Home" was built as T. B. Townsend's estate and later was converted to become the "Helen Purcell Home" as it is today. It's crazy how connected things are in this world.


Moving on from the master bedroom to the stairs. Not only will I be painting all 54 spindles multiple times, but I will also be painting and sealing the stair treads. Most of you who know me personally know that this goes against everything I stand for. Typically, I'm all about preserving original features of a home, but these stairs had several layers of paint that would have required more work in the end. Plus, this provided an opportunity to paint a fun stair runner. What do you think of the final result?

Having Some Fun...

With any renovation you have to keep it fun. Andy and I enjoy hard work, but we also like to enjoy our time while working on these projects. Check out some of the candid photos of how we keep our sanity through our renovation projects. Keep a look out for the final reveal photos on my next blog post.

If you have a renovation project and would like our help, feel free to reach out by sending a message through our site, by phone, or email.

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