Lenox Flip - Complete

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Andy and I finished loving on this house a year and a half later of long nights and weekends. This house sold at full asking 10-days after listing. The process of planning, renovating, and installing keep me interested and always excited for the next home to save, but I have found throughout the years of saving these homes, that I truly enjoy the relationships made even more. My background is in sales and marketing, so I enjoy understanding why things happen and are the way that they are.

At our current home, we've noticed that we do not see as many neighbors as we do at the home on Lenox. After much debate between Andy and myself, we decided that the connecting alleyways are what bring the neighborhood together. This may sound odd, but we would find ourselves on many Sunday nights taking out the trash and then not getting back to the house hours later. We live in a supportive community where neighbors like to hear about other's successes and what problems are being solved.

Lenox Avenue After Picture

It's interactions like these that make this life special. Through sharing our progress with neighbors, we found that we discovered new friendships who then also became design clients.

We hope that you have enjoyed following along on this journey as much as we did and that the original homeowner's would be just as proud of their home today as they were when it was first built. With the completion of this project, Andy and I are looking forward to getting a full nights rest and taking the rest of the summer off - maybe, haha! Heck, we might even get wild and go relax at the beach (while stalking the market for our next save).

If you have a renovation project and would like our help, feel free to reach out by sending a message through our site, by phone, or email.

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