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Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Another home for the saving! Welcome to my blog where I showcase interior design projects completed for clients, along with homes that my husband and I bring back to life. Walking through these homes, takes you back to a time when enjoying friends and family at home was more important than spending time on our phones.

At first sight, this home looks too far gone and may remind you of the movie "The Money Pit," but to us, this home has excellent bones, history that needs preserving, and a blank palette for color! As you get to know me, you will soon learn that I enjoy bringing color into a world full of neutrals.

Lenox Avenue Exterior Before Picture

“At first sight, this home looks too far gone and may remind you of the movie "The Money Pit..."

For this blog post, I wanted to explore this home with you, sharing the potential that we saw and the history discovered.

Lenox Avenue Living Room Before Picture

Living Room:

Entering through the double front doors, you arrive into a wide foyer that leads you into a beautiful living room with original trim and moulding. The fireplace pulled me in and confirmed that I wanted to save this house. My husband, Andy, who you will get to know is always searching for treasure in every home that we save. This fireplace alone was treasure enough for me. When reviewing the fireplace further, we noticed that on the backside of the andiron were words written in chalk that said "Helen Purcell Home."

What's interesting about this is that our current home is directly across the street from the "Helen Purcell Home." In doing further research, we found that the original "Helen Purcell Home" used to be located in the historic Putnam District and that is where this andiron is from. This information lead us to find that this home also used to be located in the Putnam District and was re-located to its current location today on Lenox Avenue.

Dining Room:

Moving into the dining room, we come to a sun filled room full of original windows that let in a ton of natural light. I would totally fill this room with plants galore! Unfortunately, some of the windows have not been cared for over the years and they are showing decay from dry rot. Luckily, I have a plan on what to replace these with... Stay tuned!

Lenox Avenue Dining Room Before Picture


Off of the dining room is the kitchen with an identity crisis! Fortunately, nothing in this room is original and can be gutted! Demo is my favorite part of the process except for closing day. :)

Lenox Avenue Kitchen Before Picture

First Floor Master Bedroom:

Poll! Do you like a master bedroom on the first floor, or do you prefer to be nestled upstairs where you can shut your door when you don't make your bed (anyone else like me?)? Having the master bedroom on the first floor in this home changed my mind on this debate.

Lenox Avenue Master Bedroom Before Picture

I'm all about wallpaper. I can even get behind a good floral wallpaper in the right space, but this wallpaper has got to go. Can we talk about the tall windows? I love a home that lets in natural light. This room provided us an exciting surprise that I'll share in a later post...


Lenox Avenue Stairs Before Picture

Spindles, spindles, and more spindles. There are 54 spindles! Yes, I'm still crazy enough to save this home even though I will have to paint 54 spindles three times to cover the white paint.


Lenox Avenue Upstairs Bathroom Before Picture

Lenox Avenue Upstairs Bedroom 1 Before Picture

Lenox Avenue Upstairs Bedroom 2 Before Picture

This house pulled us in from the architectural style being one of the last few Virginia "I" homes in the area and the historical connection of the "Helen Purcell Home" (yes, we may be superstitious). Stay in touch to keep up on our renovation stories and to see the final reveal!

- Elysa

If you have a renovation project and would like our help, feel free to reach out by sending a message through our site, by phone, or email.

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